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    Over the last two decades...

    Over the last two decades the Crib Cuddler has been in the making. My name is Becky Pfaff and I am an infant sleep specialist. My career has brought me into the homes of over 1,000 families to guide their overnight and ongoing newborn care. This passion of mine is all about achieving better sleep, and better balance, for families.

    I love helping people in person but there is a limit to the amount of work only one person can do. This is where the Crib Cuddler comes in. It has been a valuable tool in my practice and I want to share it. Moms deserve more rest and the Crib Cuddler helps.

    Sleep Sweetly!

    The Crib Cuddler was developed as a safer alternative to the makeshift option so many families, NICU nurses and other professionals are currently using. Understandably, we have seen first-hand how tired parents will try just about anything to get their babies to sleep, including trying creative, but unsafe, solutions such as placing rolled up blankets, bath towels or pool noodles in the crib. After witnessing these makeshift solutions time and time again, we knew we had to find a better and safer solution for parents and babies.

    This led us to create, develop, and patent Crib Cuddler.

    The Crib Cuddler is a permanent fixture built into a standard crib mattress pad that has no loose or moving parts within the crib, and is designed to give your newborn that nestled feel they crave. Our goal is to make your life better by giving your babies the gift of safe and comfortable sleep, which will help them to be healthy and happy babies. May your whole family sleep sweetly!