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    Classic Crib Cuddler


    Infants in the womb are used to a sleep environment consisting of a dark, loud and enveloping home. To help babies transition smoothly to sleeping outside the womb, we try to replicate some of the sensations of the home that they are used to. Such as making sure their environment is dark, using a sound machine and for the cradled feeling, we use a swaddle and a Crib Cuddler. When paired with a snug crib sheet the Cuddler enhances the enveloped sensation of the swaddle with support and mimics being held.

    The Cuddler was made with safety as a top priority! It is a permanent fixture, built straight into a standard crib mattress pad and has no loose or moving parts. It is intended for newborns as they transition into a new world. Discontinue use when baby begins to wiggle out of their swaddle and/or Crib Cuddler.

    "a must have for new parents"

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    Usage Instructions

    1. Place the Crib Cuddler on your crib or playpen mattress. The Crib Cuddler will replace your existing mattress pad.

    2. Place your favorite crib sheet over the top of the Crib Cuddler.  The sheet will keep your baby feeling cozy and give them a womb like experience.

    3. Ensure the Crib Cuddler and sheet fit tightly and securely over the crib or playpen mattress.

    4. Swaddle your baby. For best results swaddle your baby very snug to keep babies arms inside swaddle.

    5. Place your swaddled baby in the Crib Cuddler with their head at the opening end. Important! You want your baby's shoulders to line up with the top of the "U" shape to be certain their head can turn side to side and their airway is not compromised.

    6. Place your baby on their back and swaddled while using the Crib Cuddler.

    Important! When your baby can move, wiggle out of the Crib Cuddler, or is no longer swaddled, discontinue use. Replace the Crib Cuddler with a standard mattress pad. 

    Use your Crib Cuddler for easy travel and continuing healthy sleep habits on the go.